Roller Coaster Week


One week ago today things were looking pretty good,

I talked to someone who made me feel all right.

And just six days ago, you know, I couldn't even sleep,

I felt ecstatic, and it lasted through the night.

I thought I met someone important that really meant a lot,

It was so quickly that I handed her my heart.

Then just five days ago something didn't go just right.

All of the sudden, she tore it all apart.

And just four days ago, I was down as I could be

I couldn't sleep again, but this time it was the pain.

And just three days ago I swore I'd put it all behind me,

I said I wasn't going to think of her again.

So just two days ago I went out to have some fun,

I had a blast, by that time all the pain had died.

It hit me then and there that everything with me was cool.

The last thing I needed was somebody by my side.

And then just yesterday, I met someone really great.

I had the most incredible night that I've seen in a while.

Every second was just wonderful, and as I held her close

I felt those feelings that can really make you smile.

Now today I'm just sitting back, thinking about my life,

and just thinking, because now I can barely speak.

I've run the gauntlet of emotions,

felt so many different ways,

I guess it's what you'd call a roller coaster week.

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darkangel358's picture

Let's just say... I've been there.... I like how you go through it so well... day by day. Great poem.

darkangel358's picture

Been there my friend... great write.