Why do I feel this way about you?

Why does my heart hurt so bad right now?

Why can I not even function properly?

Why do I sit here just staring at your picture?

Why do I want you so bad?

Is it your beautiful eyes staring back at me?

The way your hair falls down in your face?

Your adorable nose?

Your incredible lips?

Or is it the you I know from the times we've talked?

The person behind the physical beauty?

The person that can make me melt

and leave me lying in a puddle on the floor

without even trying?

Or maybe my soul knows your soul

on some completely different level.

Maybe we were lovers in some other dimension

that we only understand deep within our unconscious minds.

Maybe we were together in heaven before we walked this planet.

I couldn't even call it heaven if you weren't with me.

I can totally lose myself in your picture.

I want you here with me so I can lose myself in the real you.

Without you here my heart hurts so bad.

I thought I'd gotten numb to this kind of pain.

I thought I'd been hurt to many times to even care.

Hurt to many times to let anyone completely in.

But you're in.  And I don't know how I could ever let you out.

You're deep inside and I can't control these feelings at all.

Why do I feel this way about you?

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