Relationships Can Be Hard


Two people riding on seperate trains

jump off their tracks and start riding through life together.

Two people who were riding through life seperately

have now taken a vow to last forever.

So many obstacles can shatter all the hope.

It's like skiing down the world's most difficult slope.

Fears, finances, hurt, separate views of situations,

are just some of the things that get in the way.

And the more it seems we let things build up

the less it seems there is to say.

When we start to put our feelings all on guard

it's not surprising, relationships can be hard.

Too many thoughts flood through our heads

but instead of saying what's important we jump on the defense.

Something that should make us feel so good

can end up instead making us feel so tense.

So many feelings can start to get lost.

Then you end up paying an incredible cost.

Two people that love each other

but are to stubborn to admit it.

As many times as people go through it  

It seems like most of them still don't get it.

When it's all the good feelings that we discard

it's not surprising, relationships can be hard.

Sometimes relationships can be learning experiences.

Even if the relationship fails, if we've learned something

it wasn't a failure, oh no.

And maybe if we stop learning and stop growing

It's not really a bad time to pack up and go.

When we start to feel like maybe we've drawn the wrong card.

It's not surprising, relationships can be hard.

Two people are two people, no matter how much    

they want to meld into one.

And sometimes when they realize they are two seperate people

they think the relationship must be over and done.

To love someone else you have to first love yourself.

Take all of your emotions off of the shelf.

There's a lot to learn, there's a lot to feel,

a lot to give and a lot to take,

a lot to do and a lot to say,

and a whole lot of love to make.

It's not about a picket fence and a nicely trimmed yard.

If it's not about love, relationships will be hard.

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Sophia Chanu's picture

I like your poem. It is enlightening

Jazzmine Simpson's picture

wow...this sure does tell a whole lot about relationships and its all true too...well i just wanted to say i really really really like this one a whole lot...your a very good poet, i like a whole bunch of your poems. well keep up the good work!

Jazzmine S.