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Jeff turned me on to Facelift when it first came out.

I wondered what this different sounding band was all about.

And years later I was still digging their sound

They were so cathartic when despair was all around.

They became the soundtrack of a marriage in turmoil.

Like the sound of blood just beginning to boil.

I once read a book by Kahlil Gibran

that seemed to be, at that time, the level you were on.

And when I was at my deepest moment of hurt

I spent hours listening to a song called Dirt.

I knew those feelings, I knew about the harm.

I can still to this day see a scar on my arm.

I got past all those feelings, I guess you never could.

But through your music you did do some good.

So here's to a guy who lived a life full of pain.

Do well on the other side, we still love you Layne.

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Martina Laynie Deak's picture

ohh my....that is just beautiful! I am glad he still lives in our hearts, and glad that someone else knows who he really is! thank you!