When Love Disappears


Have you ever loved someone so much that you hated them?

Have you ever hated someone so much that you loved them?

and you realize that love and hate are not polar opposites,

but a small part of a huge puzzle that no one's ever

completely finished.                  

To truly experience love means never having to deal with fear.

No fear of unfaithfulness.                

No fear of betrayal.                  

No fear that one day the love you feel will fade.

No fear at all.                            

There's a feeling that feels like you're falling down a hole.

A feeling that can be exhausting to the soul.

A feeling that can make you burst out into tears.

When love disappears.

There's a time and a place when your world can rip in two.

A time when solace can't be found no matter what you do.

A time when you realize all your darkest fears.  

When love disappears.                        

Sometimes at your weakest moment,

something wonderful can happen.        

And sometimes at your most joyful moment,      

devastation can hit.        

But keep it together, don't let your fears win you over.

Stay true to yourself and never quit.

You never really have to go and close down your heart.

Sometimes an ending can really mean a new start.

Sometimes it's all right to let your life switch gears.    

When love disappears.

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