You Did the Right Thing


When you told me what you did

my whole body was filled with rage.

But by the time that moment hit,

I'd already turned the page.          

We had something nice that lasted quite a while.

Then I lost my mind and you lost your style.

And something finally broke the string.    

You did the right thing.          

I thought you were wrong                      

because I was brought up to think that way.

But the way I was brought up

is far from the way I act today.

If you hadn't done it                                      

things would have been so complicated.

It was smart to act quickly              

when it would have been easy to have waited.

I know that sometimes love can really sting.

You did the right thing.

I think of you sometimes

and wonder what if it didn't end like that.

There were just too many things      

that caused our love to go flat.

Neither one of us was lucky.                      

Neither one was too mature.

Neither one of us was very good at love,

that's for sure.                                          

We were not a love to last a lifetime

but we were so much more than just a fling.

You did the right thing.                

You did the right thing.          

Though it's hard to admit it.            

Maybe both of us learned a lot  

because you did it.        

Sometimes it's hard to think about you

because of the feelings those thoughts bring.

You did the right thing.

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