Things were going downhill for us as winter rolled on.

There were good feelings for so many months, then they were gone.

You were just what I wanted in so many ways.

But in so many others, our minds were in a haze.

I'm sorry that all we had had to come undone

in 1991.

Things got so intense that I needed some kind of a break.

What a huge difference just a few short days can make.

You were just what I needed in my life at that time.

You made me laugh and made things start to feel just fine.

You turned a world of despair into a world of fun.

In 1991.

I know that '91 wasn't all that great a year for you.

But I tried to do what I could to help you make it through.

I know you had it rough when you took your kids and moved.

I hope that somehow I helped your situation to improve.

Whatever battles you were fighting back then, I hope you won.

In 1991.

There were times when you hid behind lies and buried the truth.

Maybe that's just the way you dealt with things in your youth.

There was something about you that made me see past those things.

What we had was nice, I guess it was just a summer fling.

But when it came to regrets about loving you, I had none.

In 1991.

I met you in the ocean, just before the waves came past.

But time wasn't on our side, so we had to act fast.

Those few days we shared really did mean so much.

And I'll always remember your face, voice, and touch.

You shined a light into my life that was bright as the sun.

In 1991.

Then my life completely changed tracks later on that year.

A new path opened and without it I wouldn't be here.

When you first came to me, I thought it wouldn't last long.

But then it grew into something that became really strong.

And a new chapter in my life had slowly begun.

In 1991.

1991 was a year full of change.

Sometimes it was beautiful, sometimes it was strange.

But if I had to relive one year of my life,

I think I'd pick this one.


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