God is

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God is great. God is good.

God is in the country. God is in the hood.

God is holy. God is all knowing.

God is the sun up in the sky glowing.

God is a blessing. God is a curse.

God is the life force that sustains the universe.

God is silence, thought, and voice.

God is willing to give you a choice.

God is the beginning, the middle and the end.

God is a teacher. God is a friend.

God is the pivotal value of your existence.

God is your conscience. God is persistence.

God is with you. God is with me.

God is sex. God is TV.

God is the landscape and all of its features.

God is impartial to all creatures.

God is the thing in your life you love most.

God is the father, son, and holy ghost.

God is body, mind, and spirit.

God is speaking if you're willing to hear it.

God is a concept by which we measure our pain.

God is in every snowflake and every drop of rain.

God is dust particles in the sunlight.

God is a dream. God is all right.

God is the brightness of every star.

God is the sound of Carlos Santana's guitar.

God is the way, the truth, and the life.

God is a dove. God is a knife.

God is loving all of her creation.

God is perfect syncopation.

God is peace. God is love.

God is watching from above.

God is on every corner of your town.

God is in the Grand Canyon at sundown.

God is cool. God is eternally nameless.

God is the dice game of gamblers. God is blameless.

God is a mantra. God is a king.

God is a dancer. God is everything.

God is the song in sacred lore.

God is all of this and so much more.

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Lloyd Wagoner's picture

God is a bomb
God is a knife
God is a hand-grenade
God is the holocaust
God is a gun
God is suicide

yes man, im mocking you! can you come up with nothing better than this boring shit? why is it that christian poets always say the exact same stuff???? its so goddam boring....

darkangel358's picture

Jerry....... Awesome...simply awesome.