My Lovely Brunette


The night that we met was a strange one indeed.

I walked in singing something from the mystery tour.

I got home that night and I felt so alone.

I knew she was someone I had to see more.

I don't know how I made it all those years ago.

Or how I survived before we ever met.

But I know that I never could go back in time

to the days before I met my lovely brunette.

The next day I kissed her and held her so close.

We secretly knew it was only a start.

It didn't take me long to see what I wanted.

It didn't take her long to capture my heart.

Remember, it rained the first weeks I knew you.

I came to your house, we both got soaking wet.

But now the sky's cleared and the sun is so bright.

There's not a cloud over my lovely brunette.

Comparing my love to all of the rest

is like putting skateboards next to a corvette.

The skateboards may get you where you want to go.

I'll get there in style with my lovely brunette.

In the next chapter I had to leave for a week.

She cried but I told her I'd be back real soon.

But it's not soon enough to be feeling all right

because Dallas seemed further away then the moon.

Now I want to stay with her each day and night.

I can't bare to leave her alone and upset.

But she went to her school and I went to mine.

And I had to spend time from my lovely brunette.

Things were at a low, because I had to go.

The world seemed so cruel on the day that I went.

I'd see you each weekend, I'd miss you each day.

The phone calls we made and the letters we sent.

I've lived for a long time, seen so many girls.

But I swear that I've not seen a better one yet.

Not one is so pretty, not one is so smart.

Not one has the heart of my lovely brunette.

Finding a love in this crazy old world

is like playing six rounds of Russian roulette.

And my first five shots just bruised my lost head.

And in chamber six was my lovely brunette.

Now that I'm back I just need her so bad.

The moon's shining brightly and now we're alone.

She will be the one to bring my back to life.

I'm glad I found someone that I can call home.

Sometimes we've had good times. Sometimes we've had fights.

Sometimes we've done things that I'll never forget.

Sometimes we have laughed. Sometimes we have cried.

Sometimes I'd have died for my lovely brunette.

Now that she's beside my I'm happy, it's true.

Not one thing could go wrong when she's here with me.

Because once I was locked and felt closed down for good.

My heart is now open, yes, she had the key.

I'll stay here beside her forever I know.

I never would leave her, no, not on a bet.

I hope that she's feeling the same love for me.

Please don't ever leave me my lovely brunette.

Yes, you are the answer, the one just for me.

How lucky could a man possibly get?

To be here forever 'til eternity.

I'll always love her, my lovely brunette.

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