Chesswood Station

6-The Weird Stuff

Going down to Chesswood Station

with a half a million things on my mind.

Going down to Chesswood Station

to see an old friend of mine.

Chesswood Station.


The room was smudged and the air was clear

when I laid down and shut my eyes.

The band was playing "Home Sweet Home"

and the cops gave us all a surprise.

Some walk strong, but I'll go lightly

when I make that lengthy drive.

Don't worry about me because I'm alright, 

in fact I'm happy to be alive.


Going down to Chesswood Station....


There's a smell of cinnamon in the air

and the hum of an amplifier.

A flock of geese flies overhead

and our hearts are all on fire.

When I finally arrive at the destination

I plan on sticking around.

Though Chesswood Station only exists

in another dimension I've found.


Going down to Chesswood Station...

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in the other dimension...

in the other dimension... Sounds like fun

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