Tender Love

Tender love..is hard to fine..
One that cares..also shines..
With the beauty..God designed..
One like you..that's my kind..
From my heart..how it smile's..
It's your love..that I file..
Through love and friendship..this I send..
With lots of love..your heart to mend..

Tender love..
Life's a blessing..we all know..
There's true love..thats makes us bold..
You my friend..always will be..
In time of need..call on me..
To hold your hand..along the way..
My love's straight..day to day..
I believe in angels..this is true..
God saved my life..not once, but two..

Tender love..
Through love and blessings..everyday..
My love for you..is here to stay..
So far apart..its OK..
My love's big..it stay that way..
Loving you..like I do..
Lifes a blessing..with friends, like you..

Tender love..


copyright david mathis 2011

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This Poem..

My first poem turned to a song, inspired by Bienvenida.. It's a fast song and I love to play it on my guitar and sing it for all..

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A Tender Love

I have enjoyed each of your poems today.
I picked you at random to read. And I
have been very well pleased with all
of your writings. You are an excellent
poet. happy holidays. heather

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WOW Heather, you really know

WOW Heather, you really know how to make me smile..I appreciate all you say..Im happy you enjoy reading my work..You are a beautiful lady, I can till..