My True Friend..

In our lives..this we live..searching it is..
In our minds..the things we see..we think about..we let be..
Its the feelings..that we it right..or let go..
In our hearts..there we feel..if its special..then we seal..

What is right..what is wrong..who will along..
The higher powers..outside of us..we don't question..not enough..
We just travel..into time..we keep going..there to find..
Ourselves inside..we cannot hide..we keep looking..there to find..

Everyday..we push that keep going..not to stray..
Searching friends..sharing find that smile..from above..
We keep giving..hearts that last..never thinking..of the past..
Wanting come true..we fill our hearts..and minds too..

This is we do..somthing hang onto..
Always wanting..more than that..always searching..don't look back..
This is we hold..just keep sharing..letting go..
Love each the end..let me love true friend..


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