Jus you..

Let me taste you, all the way..have you open..let me play..All your sweetest..all inside..put my tongue in..way up high..

Suck on you..is what I do..put my finger, into you..You will want it..all the way..just relax..it will stay..

On your knees, you will be..take me in, you will see..You just feed..up on my tip..as you milk it..every drip..

Let me give you, all of me..deep within, up comes my seed..Fill you up..you just drool..keep me wet..drool on your breast..

When your ready..you just say..you all wet..ready to play..Get down on me..all the way..your so hot..Im there to stay..

Taking you..to the top..keep you cumming..you won't stop..Just lay back..let yourself go..you just reek..from your flow..

This I love..all of you..deep I go..inside of you..You feel me hard..letting go..ooh so good..pull and flow..

Shower you..with all of me..you caught your breath..that I see..I just throbb..I let you be..you lick me up..I always please..

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