You hit me twice..

You hit me twice..with your love..God has said..from above..

Love your sister..all the way..I said I will..everyday..

Its your love..helps me through..everyway..that you do..

Its all of you..I see too..Love you friend..I really do..

Thinking of right now..your love and beauty..ooh and how..

Its your much more..its all of you..I adore..

I don't struggle, I don't fight..I just look up..and see the light..

He lets me know..Im in his sight..loving him..makes it right..

You are my my friend..I will love the end..

I don't hold know its love is big..and for you..

Love you always..thats my way..your in my heart..there to stay..

I have been tested..this I say..thank you Lord..Im blessed each day..

Send this all you love..I'll say a pray..for you my dove..

He's in our minds..heart and souls..he loves us so..this I know..

He is almighty..the king of kings..he sets us free..with our wings..

You my love I send..we'll be the end..

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