Dreaming of you..

I dream to be..with you right there..kiss your shoulders..I would dare..Kiss across your back you see..your head would fall..I believe..Put my hands..touching you..run them down..all over you..lightly touching..you will feel..you will love it..give you chills..Kiss on down..on your back..take it lower..do it slower..Make you feel..so nice and warm..my love inside..will be a storm..Feel your backside..rub on you..open up..is what you do..Feel your legs..so smooth and soft..taste you there..get you off..Take you slow..all the way..say you love it..as I play..Its your body..here I see..so soft and lovely..you I need..Your like a doll..my darling, beauty..your everything..your such a cutie..I love your eyes..lips and nose..your fine hair..I want to hold..I dream to lay down..by your side..you right there..my love wont hide..Let you have..all you need..my love will run..as you feed..I will never..hold back from you..its your love..Im into..All of you..I want and more..my love for you..comes from my core..Deep in you..I will do..set you free..all over me..I will give you..all my love..every drop..never stop..Just to kiss you..hold you tight..give you love..do it right..That is how..I will love you..you will love it..love me too..Love you down..all the way..say I love you..everyday..Its your love..I dream of you..you right there..I want to do..

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Dreaming Of You

Congrats. You do write beautiful love poems. Touching your readers.
Taking them along with you on your poetic journey. This is a great
talent to own.

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You are so kind..so sweet you

You are so kind..so sweet you are..Thank you again..truely..

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Just to tell you, poetfreak.com is another good web site to post on.
you get a lot of comments on your work there. also poem hunter.com
is another, and starlite cafe.com. you can add music and background to your
poetry. I like that . In case you are interested. have a good one. heather

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I like that, music and poetry

I like that, music and poetry together. I also play guitar and Im trying to do songs and poems with music background. Its tough, but it takes times and work..all in progress..thanks for everything and being a friend..your great..tc.

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I have a poetry friend whose poems are being set to music. One poem is especially beautiful.
It could be a hit someday I think. An artist has recorded it. When I hear the song I get tears
in my eyes. You also have some good material for songs. good luck with your music.

I have poems posted on Star Lite Cafe.com the background and the music bring the words
to life. I love the effect of that. have a good day. t c heather