Just For you..

The love you show..I love you, so..I feel inside..my love just grows..

You are my love..I feel it too..my love for you..just turns its true..

I want to have you..by my side..and show you love..from above..

I have to give you..all of me..and when I do..I'll set you free..

For me its all..the things you do..the love you give..you see it through..

Your in my heart..all night and day..my love for you..it don't stray..

It is a feeling..I can't control..this is love..from my soul..

Its hard for me..to let you go..the love you give..I love you so..

I have to fill you..up with me..deep down inside..my love, you'll see..

I will give you..all of me..once inside..you will agree..

My love is true..for you, you see..this is the way..its ment to be..

All over me..your love will flow..so just lay back..and let it go..

To hear you sing..your song of love..it is so sweet..from you sweet dove..

You are so warm..your love inside..I hold it in..way up high..

I hold it there..for you to peak..I love you..the words I speak..

You cant hold back..you let it go..the look I see..so beautiful..

You shout it out..for its all love..this love is true..I give to you..

You open up..to me, you see..and give me love..thats ment to be..

I have to kiss..and love you more..I'll make it right..thats for sure..

You are the friend..who's love I feel..my love jus pours..with you its real..

You rock on me..from the top..you keep it high..and you dont stop..

The view you show..looking at me..you take me in..this love will be..

You feel me now..ready to go..I can't hold back..I love you, so..

I pull out..and let you see..the love I give..you see, is me..

I splash my love..all over you..you take a taste..of me, you do..

It is your love..that sets me free..this is true love..thats ment to be..

I look at you..you look at me..this is how..love should be..

It is, just you..my friend, I love..this is love..sent from above..  

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