Summer wine..

Your summer somthing sweet for me..I want to drink it..all the way, you see..It is your friendship..that makes me want to sweet your love is..your summer wine to drink..Its all your beauty..the love you show and give..I give it drink your love up, is..Deep from my heart..I feel you here with me..thank you my friend..its how its going to be..Your summer wine..I'll drink it up, you see..its is so sweet..thats how its ment to be..You are my love I send your way..its all your beauty..I see it everyday..Thinking of you..this I have to say..your love and friendship..will take me all the way..Your summer wine..makes me feel so take me there..because you are the kind..

It's just so makes me so fills me love for you it seeps..Its that sweet keeps me high I is your love..for you, I just let go..

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