Weekend with you..

A devilishly hot weekend..with you sweet thing..would be in bed..how we would sing..Work it off..the way we do..have you open..through and through..Just to have you..spread for me..deep in you..I will be..ooh so wet..lets make a bet..that you will be..ready get set..I love to see..you on me..that you'll do..with all of you..I will fill you..with all of me..that's what I do..let me be..I won't let up..on you, you see..the whole weekend..it will be..Take you to..the top and more..let me rock you..be my score..I'll go slow..all the way..take my time..night and day..Do it right..thats my way..I will play you..let me say..Just relax..let me work..bend you over..see me squirt..I will shower..you and more..all weekend long..thats for sure..Come and get it..I'll take you..for a ride..I always do..You up high..there on me..to see your face..setting free..How I love it..you will to..all weekend long..is how I do..Don't hold back..I never do..let me give..my love to you..

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