Sweet Love..

Your sweet love..that you send..I love you so..you my friend..

I dream to love you..through the night..love you down..make it right..Its your love..I dream to feel..deep in you..I would seal..Let you ride me..on the top..warm you up..I wont stop..Make you go..this I know..its your love..that you flow..This I love..to see on me..all of you..loving me..Have you opened..all the way..takeing me..you will say..Yes, right there..have you stare..to the top..I'll take you there..Just to see your face..my love..you build me up..my sweet dove..Make you warm..satisfy..all you desires..make you high..When I take you..from behind..you cant hold back..its so fine..You just tell me..you let go..I hold it there..so you can flow..

Your so hot..on me you see..your body wet..it will be..I won't stop..until Im through..loving you..is what I do..Its you love..I want to feel..all of you..before I spill..Let you know..its time to go..shower you..with my load..Let you have me..all your way..you will love it..you will say..Its your love..I want to feel..I will put it..deep and thrill..All your love..that you send..you know I love you..my dear friend..Its your beauty..that I love..all of you..through and through..Loving you..is what I do..your my dream..I love it to..

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