Broken Wings

so this is what it feels like to have

loves lost thoughts play out in my mind

im transfixed to the screen like in a movie

her smile

her laughter

the eyes ill never forget

what do you take me for

because ill never forget

how lonely this world can be

ill forget the thought of everyday

lost with out you

a perfect smile left with broken wings

i turned my eyes away from you

i looked back and there you were

resting on broken wings

ill carry you and the weight of all the demons on my back

even if i stumble and fall

ill fill the pages of the book

with all the blood sweat and tears i have

ill burn the pages of our past

stir the ashes once again

for our new begening

ill never turn my eyes away from you

all i can do is smile at you

resting on broken wings

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An old Friend... An old Friend...'s picture

Feelings of being trapped, scared and all alone are difficult to understand,Love is a precious thing. And so, too, are the memories of love.
-And Old Friend

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By far one of my favorites. amazingly written. who is this about?