1/04-Did you know



10:40 pm

Did you know.

That I kiss you every time I close my eyes.

That I kiss the picture of you goodnight every night, dreaming, wishing, and

Hoping that one day it will really be you.

That I dream of you constantly.

That my thoughts never far from you.

That my lips have no others names on them.

That in my time of greatest sorrow it is your arms I long for.

That it is your voice I crave.

That it is your touch I beg for.

That the tears I shed tonight are from the lonely heart you left behind.

That I am desperately trying to find anything to fill the void you left behind.

That it is your eyes I beg to have look down upon me as I sleep.

That it is your lips I want to feel next to my ear saying the soft comforting

words to me.

That it is your nose and forehead I want to lean against and get lost in


That it is you always you that I write stories about.

That it is you always you that I dream about.

Did you know?

That I kiss you goodnight and bid you sweet dreams every night.

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