1/04-Instead haves



5:55 am

What I wouldn�t do.

To be lying in your arms right now.

Instead of laying here listening to the pen scratch the paper.

To have your amazing eyes drinking in the visual feast before you.

Instead I lay here staring at your picture.

To have a slight smile come across your face as you look at me.

Instead I have the picture of you in my mind of you smiling as I walked up to


To have you welcome me into your arms.

Instead only my imagination welcomes me.

To hold me there safely and tenderly.

Instead all I have is the safety of my fantasies.

To take me to your places and show me how to touch you.

Instead all I have are saved IM�s.

To let your body flow into mine as we melt into one.

Instead all I have are dreams.

To feel you as your body releases.

Instead all I have are my hopes.

Will the insteads ever be haves?

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