2/04-Heaven doesn't see me



1:20 am

When I am with you I am so high that I can hear heaven.

But why is it that heaven doesn�t hear me?

Are you the hero that is here to save me?

Am I just going to have to stand here and watch you fly away?

Are you the love that is going to save me?

But look at what your love is doing to me tonight.

My blood spilling all over me and nothing to get it to stop.

My heart pumping it out of me from the hole the arrow has left in me.

Half in and half out just enough to let me slowly bleed to death.

I send you every ounce of love that I have.

But apparently again in my life it is not enough.

Will my love ever be enough?

Ever be enough to hold someone to me night after night.

Ever be enough that I don�t have to watch you as you fly away?

You would think as close as I am to heaven.

That they would hear my dreams.

My dreams to send you to me.

But heaven doesn�t hear me.

Heaven doesn�t see me.

Heaven doesn�t realize that I need a hero.

Heaven doesn�t know that you are my hero.

Heaven doesn�t know that your love is saving me.

Heaven doesn�t see me lying here slowly bleeding to death.

Heaven doesn�t see me watching you slip from my grasp.

Heaven doesn�t see me sending my love to you.

Heaven doesn�t see me.


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teresa_r's picture

I can really relate to this Poem this is how i am feeling today. TERESA RIFE