11:41 pm

Why is it that when you need someone the most.

It is when you find yourself alone.

You and yourself and your thoughts alone.

When you find yourself the most in need of a shoulder to cry on.

All you find is your own.

With all the weight of the world already on them.

Where is that point in your life when you can count on people.

That point when you can trust people with your tears.

And not get shattered every time you do.

What does one have to do to have this happiness bestowed on them?

The thing that you can do to make everything ok.

The thing that stops all the hurt.

How do you get ahead in life and find someone anyone.

To hold you and love you when you cry.

How do you find that shoulder that you can trust?

With your tears and your heart.

How do you get to the point that when you need.

Someone else the most they are there for you.

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