1/04-So today I grieve the loss of me



11:53 pm

I cry tears of grief tonight,

One might ask what I am grieving.

But it is a simple answer with lots of questions.

I am grieving the loss of my life.

The loss of everything I knew and loved being ripped from my soul.

I grieve the loss of my leg.

The loss of my ability to change my life thru hard work.

I grieve the loss of my truck.

The loss of still having some control over my life.

I grieve the loss of my wife.

The loss of someone that I thought I could get thru anything with.

I grieve the loss of my own home.

The loss of independence and adulthood.

I grieve the loss of my own life.

The loss of my freedom to make my own way in the world.

I grieve the loss of everything I have known in this body.

The loss of which is too much for me to take today.

This fateful day just 3 years ago began the losses for me.

None of which I saw that second that the board fell and my life was over.

So today I grieve the loss of me.

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teresa_r's picture

Your poem made me cry i can relate i have suffered many losses. TERESA RIFE

hhickson's picture

Very poignant write. Our lives do not belong to us, they belong to our lord. Our very being in what ever form, whole or broken, is part of the grand plan. Your writing may inspire others to this art form. You never know the impact your life and your overcoming adversity may have on others. Take the 'why me, poor me' attitude and your life will be miserable, but take the 'hey, this is a challenge that I can overcome and along the way inspire others' attitude and the rewards will be heaped upon you.