"the falling"

He's sitting~ as a stranger~

while i'm sad~ all alone!

my heart is breaking~ deep its bitter~

while he's holding~ a heart of stone!

Holding tears in my eyes~

i'll force them in through the nights~

my trasured sadness i must hide~

and that i love him i cant just hide~

today i'm hiding~ though with love i'm blind!

he's sitting there~

like nothing's wrong~

filling me with dispare~

while i'm acting so DAMN strong!

i'm sad~

i'm blind~

i hate him~

for him i cried!

like a stranger by my side~

cannot hear my silent tears~

it hurts like never~it hurts so bad~

that my breaking he cannot FEEL!

i know i love him~

and i know i adore him~

but before the falling~

i know i DIED!

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