"tough dreaming!"

have you ever been in love~

with someone who doesnt feel the same?

when your heart gets big enough~

to memorize that look and that name!

i feel it badly;

thast why dreaming is getting tough~

and days get rough!

it is too hard;

its breaking my heart~

and i wish it would stop!

i wonder,

if there's a chance~

or a hope!

as a lover,

i want to dance~

i want to cope!

how come,

i cant stop my feelings?

i'd love to quit dreaming!

my heart keeps on beating,

as for him my eyes are searching!

when to me he looks,

my world gets colored!

i feel warmed,

then i forget how for him i daily suffered!

my endless sadness gets crushed,

my face gets flushed,

my tearful heart gets touched,

with his blessful eyes!

whenever i remember his eyes~

smiling to me~

i forget everything~

then i try to see;

will my wish of being with you~

eer come true?

even if all the love in my heart is dedicated to you;

i'll never dare to face you;

i'll never dare to say~

i'm willing to die for you~

and i'll die without you!

the end



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The worst TYPE of love!!! to hold all those feelings to someone who doesnt even SEE YOU!

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Sarah Macias's picture

i like this poem i have recently been in this situation. Turns out he dose like me he just didnt want his freinds to know cause we hang out with different crowds. but he let his feelings take over and now hes my boyfreind! and his freinds still talk to him.