as for once i felt i'm real,

not invisible, and somehow seen!

as i remember that scene~

my heart shaking starts!

my breath holds, my skin beats!

and feeling lasts and more it lasts!

feelings out of faking,

love, passion, kindness~

all beautuful emotions!

out of hurting,

out of breaking!

lovely as a magical potion!

through the sky while i was floating,

to angels of love i started talking,

love made me stressed,

it got me me flushed,

i was depressed,

until; with magical fingers my heart he touched!

promises made,

to never break~

never fake~

never to leave apart.

promises made,

we love to tell,

deeply as in a shell~

to save each others heart.

promises made,

to die and live~

for each other,

how to love~

as never,

to keep love shining as a star.

The end



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