"`til i die!"

inside my heart~

its breaking!

and at the outside~

its really BURNING!

though whatever might happen,

i'll find what i'm looking for,

everything depends,

on the one i love~

for sure!

i have to find the way,

to carry on,

i've got to go on!

even if he's my only one~

i dont love him anymore!!!


it is a lie,

the stupid lie i want to believe!

he gave me life,

he gave that hope,

without him here,

i cant live,

i cant cope!

but i will forget you,

and never forgive you,

for breaking my heart!

i wont hate you,

but all you did,

i will remember!

until i die!

The End


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ssultan36's picture

بعيد الشر عنك


Kris Grula's picture

Just breathtaking in the sincerity & ability to capture the emotion, very nice