"May be"





                                          waiting for you

Standing here~

                       with no moves,

                                           holding my breath~

                                                              and watching you!



                            you'll give up someday

in july~




                                       in may!!!

i know; you have nothing to say

so i'd better end the play

because you are in love with me~

i'm sure that you'll forever stay!

my love for you is so big~

bigger than what words can say

when i'm alone; and you are away~

i have a thousands~


                                    a million things to say!!!

but when i'm facing you; i feel as facing death~

this is why i shut up~

while every thought goes away!

what should i say~

what should i do?

its so big; the way i'm loving you!

today i'm sure~

                       i can't live a minute more~

                                                              or a second without you!

why can't i Stop thinkin' of you?

its all because;

you are the one, who makes me decide

you are the only one, by my side

you are the love, i've finally found

you are the only one, in my mind

you are what i'm looking for,

you are what i wanted to find

this is the thing i can't deny

why i cant see,

why i'm so blind!!!

The end


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its realy nice

its realy nice

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