"I Wish!"

I wish;

I have a wooden heart

So I'd never feel love!

I wish;

I was too smart

So I'd never feel its pain!

I wish;

I had a silent sound

So I'd never speak love words

I know we've never spoken

And that's what really burns!

I wish;

I had a brainless head,

So I'd never think that hard~

Of where would I be,

If you're not around!

I wish;

I was blind,

And never saw your awesome face,

In my heart you took a place,

And turned up my heartbeats!

I believe;

I've never had a stronger wish,

Than having you by my side!

I believe;

When you are around I'll be living in peace!

That’s why I beg you please~

Don’t ever leave me,

And don’t let me leave!!!



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Sarah's picture

I wish,
You wish,
Don't we all?????