The Glass Man

When she opened the door she saw no one, as always. There was a tiny red box with a golden bow in front of her. This routine had been happening for a while now. She had thought about calling the cops but the presents were just so unique and interesting she felt the need to let who ever was sending them keep this up. She kind of felt like this person had to fulfill a mission and she wanted to help. A normal person would have called the cops by the third time, but this being the 15th present she was already used to it. The gifts were all made of the same material, melted glass, and the first one she ever received was a little glass slipper. It looked like Cinderella’s slipper, but she was nothing like Cinderella and there were no princes around.


It was her birthday, and she actually expected a gift that day, thinking her stalker would know, but nothing came to her door. She didn’t have a family or a boyfriend so she was always lonely most of the time and had found solace in these presents she received. Frustrated and sad she decided to camp out her front door and await her glass ornament. Time flew by and soon it was dark, she had fallen asleep waiting and when she woke up there was another present. This time it wasn’t a box, the present had the shape of a square but was really thin. She unwrapped it soon to find out it was a CD that had the words “Watch this” written in permanent marker.


That was odd, she had never received a CD before, but she thought maybe it was because of her birthday. The girl inserted the CD into her laptop and started watching intently. It was a video of who she thought was her stalker making this melted glass figures, but it was impossible to see his face. The man showed himself doing all the glass figures he had given her but there was one that she hadn’t received. It wasn’t a figure like the other one’s she had received, it was more of a painting but made of glass Then a new video started, she recognized this place, of course, it was her house. Starting from the front door, through the living room, past the kitchen, into her bedroom. Putting the glass painting in her bedroom wall. She ran to her room, there it was. The beautiful glass painting. She was freaking out, crying and pacing all over the place. He must’ve gone inside while she was asleep outside. She ran to the telephone and dialed 911. “Someone was just inside my home!”. By the time the cops arrived it was already too late. The mission was completed.

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