My Boyfriend’s Cologne


The very first time we had a date, my boyfriend put on his cologne. We went to the movie theater and saw the latest Star Wars movie. I did not notice at first, but after half an hour, I started to smell it. It really could be noticed inside the cold, dark and almost empty room. Never had I smelled something like it. It was sweet, but not too sweet. It was masculine, but not too masculine.  It was fresh, but not too fresh. It was clean, but not too clean…it was just his cologne and how he wore it. I was nervous but who would not be, he was my first boyfriend so I started to think what he meant to me, suddenly, his smile popped up in my mind, all of those beautiful, big and white teeth appeared in front of me… seeing him happy was the finest thing in life, there was nothing I would not do for him and I was conscious of it, I loved him, I really did. The minutes passed and I was not really there, for me there only was his presence in my head. It ended fine. Even though I had not understood half of the movie he told me to save the date for the release of the following the next year. We kept going out after that. One, two, three months had passed since we started dating until I was able to smell his cologne again. He had a folk-dance performance and I went just to see him on stage. The sunlight covered all the public square in which his mobile scenario was but a special ray of light hit his smile right when he saw me between the crowd. When it was over, I went “backstage” to salute him, when I did, we hugged and there it was, that cologne, lighter because of the sweat, but strong enough for me to smell. Four, five, six, seven months had passed since we started dating until I was able to smell his cologne again. It was his high school graduation day and surely I was going to be there. I went to the ceremony at the local theater and, when it finished, he saw me and as he approached to me with the same big beautiful smile he has always given me, I could start to detect the same lotion that had hypnotized me. Not much longer after that day, he started college and hanging out together got a little bit complicated. When vacations arrived, we could again hang out frequently but this time, it was different. Every time we had a date, he would put on some cologne. He did not care whether we were going to the cinema or to the club, every date became unique just because we would be with the other. He also had changed. His smile became brighter, his laugh noisier, his eyes more cheerful and his love stronger. He used to reserve his characteristic smell only for special occasions, but ever since we were not always together, every time we went out was one. He wanted to make sure I felt how much he cared about me. He started to pay attention to the little things. He no longer waited for big events to make something out of the routine.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Enjoy this little piece that came out of my heart!

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