Who in the world

Where do I befriend a river

Those meadows are so unclear

Inquiring into the clock

Where the seconds tick...


Grass whips my shins 

Onto my back the panther attacks

Inside of the mind, pain reminds me of the light


....Where foolishness is stripped, and I no longer hide


From outside the cave I see those eyes

Of dirty red full of fright 

Hovering around in search of something


Who am I, the tide asks again

slamming against the rocks

discombobulated trend


...I don't want to see the ugly shadow that's possessed all this movement

To know that I had fallen under the pavement of seemingly reality

To know that because of it others had suffered

all for selfish intentions


The resistance that is here is believed strong

 consequently I will not progress and god dammit

I still move in unrest


I want to leave everything behind, I don't want my presence to befall upon the walls of despair nor love


Who the hell is typing this drivvle, and what is it's significance




IS any of it real 


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good stuff sir

good stuff sir

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Amen brotha