Salty and sweet

She tastes her tears slightly salty and sweet,

Stomach is growling,
But she cannot eat,
She stares at the mirror,
Trying to see clearer,
She knows she can not be seen,
Not like this,
With her eyes so puffy and green, 
She thought she could trust him,
After all he served in her church for years,
But instead he betrayed her and left her with the taste of tears,
She knows she is not weak, 
But to be so strong,
For so long,
It just takes time,
To heal her mind,
Of all the confusion because of his lies,
Of all the chaos from the evilness he held inside,
How could she begin to tell, 
How he dragged her through a time of hell, 
When he wears a mask all too well, 
Only the mirror has seen,
Her eyes so red and green,
Her tears become her closest company, 
They are bitter but yet strangely comforting, 
To them she need not explain, 
Any of her pain,  
Salty and sweet,
As her green eyes try to release, 
The pain that does not cease.  
Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem was inspired by a pair of puffy green eyes. Please feel free to comment. 

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burkej1h's picture

You can know someone for so

You can know someone for so long and then have them flip on you, makes me feel so empty...  Thank you for sharing