Forlorn Wishes

Wish upon a star and hope forever.

But some things are just forlorn.

You can wish an eternity,

but the past won’t rewind.

Oh, how I wish to go back in time;

and right all the wrongs.

Where lies the key to unlock the future?

What must I do to find it?

Must I move on and just forget?

Oh, how I wish to go back in time;

and remove all the sadness in me.

You can dream forever and ever.

You can hope forever and always.

But it won’t undo the past.

These dreams won’t come alive.

They will just die a violent death.

I break the silence, with my cries.

I disturb the circle with my prayers.

I reach, but I feel noting.

Just a hollow space inside.

Oh, how I wish to go back!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is written about the wishes wea ll have, but we know they will just never come to life!

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