Your Struggle is Meaningless

Is it the things that I own?

Is it the Friends that I have?

Is it the respect I share with others?

Whatever it is,

you just don't quit.

So apparently,

you must feel some sort of threat.

Your attempts..


Your struggle...


You will never grow,

If you continue to suppress.

Your efforts,

make me sick.

The arrogance,

gets me pissed.

All it shows is your incompetance.

But this wall that i built,

will never break.

So, no matter how hard you try,

I will always be here to stay.

As the saying goes,

You reap what you soe.

I hope you think before you act.

Because God controls what is in your path.

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Congratulatoryfershlockingations. You used the quote well. Ok later.