Running on Empty-poem

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You said you would always be there for me.

Where are you now?

When i am lost without a guide,

I ask myself how.

What has happened for you to suddenly change?

or was i just mistaken or mentally deranged.

I guess there are some,

that don't deserve anyone.

i may be one of those,

stuck with this question.

Now, i am afraid of coounting on a "friend"

That person who's suppose to come when you're,

Running on empty.

And, instead of leaving them out to dry,

you back them up and keep them company.

Yeah, maybe for you, but not for me.

I just find myself, again, feeling lonely.

I don't know what I do

or why this is so.

I am just used as a prop,

for others to let feelings go.

so everyone step right up,

give it your best shot.

Make yourself happy bye

putting my life in a knot.

For I am nothing, no one.

Just asking for a trustworthy friend.

Instead, running on empty.

and back to commence.

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