My Future Wedlock

I can't wait for the day,

That I start my family.

She will be my best friend,

and will be the perfect one for me.

I will try my best to keep her pleased,

and do everything possible to fill her needs.

After every arguement,

our relationship will grow.

We will be able to forgive,

and both will have sorrow.

it will all be forgotten,

and happiness will continue to show.

Then, somethin special happened last night.

a kiss upon the lips of my hopeful future wife.

we both have that feeling,

to keep for the rest of our lives.

somewhere along the line,

Our love for each other will unify.

That is something I would like.

Someone to hold and care for at night.

I will protect her,

fight the battles she cannot fight,

wipe the lonely tears from beneath her eyes.

She will be my faithful companion.

Living our lives together during this expansion.

Expansion of love, trust, and dedication.

not ever needing each other's explanation.

And if there is a problem, there is no hesitation.

Right now my soul is still in search.

i admire one who is still unsure.

i am reaching out,

my vision is a blur.

She will be there to save me,

And I will protect her.

But it will all start as friends,

and end in departure,


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