Reflection of my Shadow

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Once again i was mislead.

wonderful thoughts were placed in my head.

then i was pushed,

down into the gravel.

looking at myself in my own shadow.

tryin to figure out this puzzle undone.

like a crime scene unsolved,

the suspect is no one.

i go back wondering,

what am i here for?

when every chance i get to be happy,

just goes up in flames and adds to the sore.

a gaping wound in the center of my heart.

flying through the air as it pierces me,

like a dart.

i am mistaken for by deceit,

and hidden from the truth.

my smiles shine out from the clouds,

but dissolve quickly, like a child's youth.

i am so lonely,

and lost without ambition.

But as i search for happiness,

it always comes up missing.

i am not asking for pitty or attention.

i guess i just want someone to be with,

someone that will listen.

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