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i feel no worries,

i dont know pain,

when you are in my arms,

the only thing i feel i everything to gain.

Relaxed and calm,

we talk about nothing far reaching,

we just joke and laugh and embrace each other's feelings.

i sit and stare at your face as you smile,

i can tell your love will be there.

we softly kiss again and again constantly,

to show each other we care.

Love is a funny thing and can happen unexpected,

but the way i feel for you,

i just might stand corrected.

when we are together i feel untouchable,

no one can break us even though they try.

the magnet to our attraction is the strong trust we give each other.

If that stays true, then it will last until we die.

we have vowed not to break the promise of our trust.

so lets leave the fears, pains, and sadness,

behind in the dust.

just remember I am always here when you need me,

and any problems there is can be solved.

but the strength of us together, can never be weathered,

cause the love that we share will evolve.

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