my first born son

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Lord, please take me.

take me from this earth.

so I can stop crying,

and i wont feel so much disperse.

i wanna see the faces,

when i lay inside my coffin.

see who cries because im gone,

and they lost their chance to say sorry.

of course, i don't wanna leave the ones who are really there.

but there are so few, i really cannot bare.

this pain is seeking to destroy,

breaking through the layers that keep me from losing strength and becoming that scared little boy.

the first layer, trust, has quickly disappeared.

as pride and happiness is understanding their end is near.

even though the last two continue to stand strong.

as confidence motivates, my courage will always last long.

it may seem like a losing fight, but these layers will prevail.

ending in no shame and leaving one child's name to hail.

he will own the heir to his families name.

a pride within itself which holds no shame.

he will own memories of his father,

reminding those of the man that i was.

the main reason i fight, is to see myself live on.

not in me as my soul moves on, but in my blood,

where my strength, courage, and confidence will never be gone.

Lord give young Nathan Parker my strength, my courage, my confidence, but most of all my love.

so his pride, happiness, and trust will be stronger than mine ever was.

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Kim Sternburg's picture

wow this is a really powerful poem