Looking through windows of misfortune,

feeling alone but not forgotten.

Living a good life with minor distraction.

i become more tired inside

as my head tries to block each new lie.

Like a mirage in the desert land,

as i get closer to the image...

sight of the vision would simply disappear,

in my heart is the hope of you being near.

Still waiting, wondering, contemplating

on that day you will take my hand

pulling me away from this controversy;

I wish it could simply be planned.

When that day comes,

when you first tell me hello.

the eye contact, body language, and beautiful smile...

will all seem right.

as i get to know you,

your heart will take flight,

but let me reassure you,

I will care for you unlike those of your past

as long as you trust me,

I will show you that

the best was saved for last.

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