Autumn Aves


Clouds colored Krishna

awaited sturm und drang

paleness of the hour

"Mice!" the barn owl sang


Heavy drops are steady

The flighted not afraid

crows cackling over cornfields

a murder on the way


Downpour in the distance

stripped of leaves that fled

sparrows dodging arrows 

in a pine tree needled bed


Rumbles in the autumn

fall the peridot star

screaming like an eagle to

mammoths stuck in tar


Nature knows its timing

watch the flight regroup

southward geese are v-ing 

avoided fowl that swoop


Death to all that aviates

as lightning bolts the sky

a hundred birds are falling

and all of them to die

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sanctus's picture

Nice heart felt poem!

Nice heart felt poem!

jimtwocrows's picture

Ouch! those poor birds! good

Ouch! those poor birds! good flow!