Rock River Of Coke

Everyone in America is either fat or on coke

apply this theory to anyone and it isn't such a joke

and the drugs they run through the city

like a river like a river

and the drugs make teens all shiver oh they shiver

and they all the while kill our liver kill our liver kill our liver

and the coke runs through the high schools where once the track stars ran

and the huff is in the middle schools once the Coke left the can

and the kids aren't alright they just want to get high

parents don't care just what they wear and they seem to care less as they start to die

Coke runs through the city, no more sleep over fun

its grab bag delivery, nine, pistol, and gun.

It destroys the innocence

The dealers get paid

the twelve year old daughters are all getting laid

It has whited out the city, a mid-western hometown

no one cares now, no foot is put down

Everyone wants to be slimmer, and sometimes eating disorders aren't enough

so they package their plants and get into this stuff

Coke blows through the city like a fog  

the day of the beating of the castraded dog

bleeding dopamine brain broken use

there is nothing, there is no excuse

taking the bullets your superman dies

tony montana, lord of your flies

wounded are the noses of youth's bleeding pain

and d.a.r.e. wouldn't dare to stop the power it'd regain  

And Coke runs through the city

Killing ambition, aborting the wishing

everybody, everybody, gone fishing

Rock River of Coke

Give them the Rock

Time is all wasted all wasted from the clock

white powder crowds every corner house, every lockerrom, every italian restaurant, every car dealership, every construction agency, it crowds us all out

there is winter in the middle of summer soltice season

there is a blank vacant unreasonable reason

The whiteness is a fog imparing the cities vision

And the river of coke is the plague of division

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Where is your God now Antonio

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Zeke Sage's picture

being an ex-druggie, this poem really makes me regret my past. ive been clean for a while now, but i can never regain the years i threw away. i have no children myself, but if i do have them someday, i will do all i can to keep them off of the drugs that almost killed me. people like me really need to read poems like this more often, it helps.