Vanilla Sky

two too many pills

picture stills

frozen glass breaking point

wind chime chills

my eyes turned a cold blue

she said they were true

I write my name in the snow

like it will stay there

forever so

it won't

my face is numb

I'm sick and tired of looking dumb

from telling all I feel

I double over keel

bent busted broken in two

swallow I'm hollow

soft capped and chew

eyes plastered solitare bastard

eyes are not blue

Mint mouthed frosted tipped

grizzly jaw unequiped

messed up and strangled

ice capped and tangled

stitches, where she used to tongue tie

holes, where my wisdom used to supply

the sky isnt blue

neither are my eyes

white is the horizon

and white are my lies

Nothing turned out right

at the end my only friend

my only hope on how to cope

got me dizzied up on dope

spinning dirvish white wash paint

white out from the black out

as I begin to feint

I pop a pill as I begin to kill

the hurt inside my kisser

vanilla sky before I die and forget I'll never miss her

Author's Notes/Comments: 

dope, i mean...dopemene

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I love the originality and

I love the originality and observations of your writing