Social Asphyxia

Walking takes time

time from your life

standing or moving

it all ticks away

the best things are there hidden between

what we have given and what we have seen

need is opinion

want is a must

freed from dominion

silver won't rust

the best way to get a girl down at your side

is to tell her sweet secrets and suckle her pride

the best way to see ghosts is to travel at night

darkened and wishing the mind bruised from this fight

the best way to run is to pass out from speeding

til the point you are dropped and knees are left bleeding  

the best way to lie is to often pretend

so much so that you will never offend

the best way to kill is to have been killed before

over and over again from the same stupid whore

the best inspiration comes after you're halted

after the losing and red mark lined from faulting

the best words of forgiveness are silently heard

choking the heart, anger bleeding and stirred

the best silence is all silence and too much for you

never speak a word again and that I will do

the best songs are slow songs that clutter and kill

everything you've ever stood for and everything you will

the best defense is to consume and devour

smoking and choking from red glowing power

the best hit is from behind when advantage is walking

when struck by reaction and from all of their talking

the best parents are bad parents that let you drink venom

until off comes your head and with it your denim

the best human beings are friends of The Giver

Old, and demeaning His memories make shiver

the best way to cry is when sitting alone

under the pillows of your own ruined throne

the the best way to make someone turn and look away

is to stare straight at them when walking their way

the best way to smile is to bite at your tongues

walking under ladders when you fell off the rungs

The worst way to live is to stand still and be

everything else but not anything to me

everyday I see you, the people all lost

half assed and lazy and clothes even half washed

wake your asses up and be nice and be real

what the fuck is your problem what the fuck is your deal

I'm the best invention since the adaption of the wheel

I'm a thief and a menace and I often steal

I'm a bad person wrapped up in a good person's soul

Tryrantic and Humble, Diamond and Coal

Showboat and Ghandi, Happy to sing

Troubled and sad and used to the sting

I am the best person that lives in my body

i dont know about you but my grave isnt soddy

but one thing is certain the poison you drink

will be the last thing you see when your ship starts to sink

Author's Notes/Comments: 

oh man no way way

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jaime's picture

Paulie! im so glad too see youre still writing in college. this poem is so gerat! it makes so much sense i loved every line of it! good job buddy i love you