the war never ends

the warrior sends

peace signals flare from bottemless pits

life without wits

who ever quits

the indian way

tribal dances and fires for show

they began what we don't know

a time and place that is still yet to return

and from those times we should all learn

cortez, ponce de leon, countless surrender land

chief oceola, proud that he needs no helping hand

fate became the crux of war

that which is still being fought today

never offically ended, longest to date

some wars never end when spawned by such hate

seminole seminole tomahawk clentched in palm

don't listen to the priests and their numbered psalm

how can the tides of war simply start to calm

the decaying of a culture all ready to embalm

some wars just never end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the seminole indians have never official settled a peace treaty with the united states.  these inhabitants of florida are still involved in the longest war in US history

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hm. you really do learn something new everyday doncha