Tropic of Cancer

I think I know my friends pretty damn well

Somebody please take me out of this hell

Sailing away past the  Tropic of Cancer

I will not speak on the topic of cancer

The end is a lot closer than it seems to be

Time well spent in the presence of me

Fingertips reaching reacting to knowing

Holding your hand in the hot breeze blowing

I knew my friends pretty damn well

Days began sinking and not feeling well

Sailing towards the Tropic of Cancer

I will not speak on the topic of cancer

I wish I could in my heart shaped box

Protection from fear of hounds for the fox

Darkening sunsets sky appears bruising

Watching the end as physiology's losing

Paler and weak and in my own immaculate state

The end is closer than the dreams of my fate  

Everyone else knows, why can't I too

I thought I knew my friends and what they all do

Blowing off course from the tropic of cancer

I will never speak on this topic of cancer

The sunshine is stinging from a rented bed

Lonesome, behind, too far to look ahead

Problems causing trouble for heated debating

Losing my chances too much now relating

It has began, Relativley small

Hitting me hard, the degenerative wall

Everything is looking the same, connected in trends

Eveyone should hear me once before this all ends

the sunlight burns

as the wind turns

please make it better

Taking me back to the tropic of cancers

Where everything is ending in sunsets and dancers

Red Sky in September I'll try to remember

Red Sky at the end I miss my best friend  

On the topic of cancer I don't have the answer

Just questions and feelings I hide

Author's Notes/Comments: 

taking me back, i wished it away

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jaime's picture

hmm. this one is so interesting.. i wish i knew what was behind it b/c im a nosey little sister. but there is so much beauty in not knowing...