Bryn Byers still stands today

Lyfe and its little things that get in the way

Marco, Polo, she lost her stance

Marco, Polo, she gained a chance

Bryn is a hero and an inspiration to me

In the way that she carries herself and will to be

She's found her way back one step at a tyme

She's worked on dancing and turning on a dyme

In a house by the field and a pool crystal clear

A young girl full of beauty has no more fear

She's ready and willing and unable to stop

She picks herself up whenever she'll drop

Athletic and gifted

Beautiful with grace

Bryn Byers of Polo

and the dreams that she'll chase

Inspiration it seems is given in dreams

to all those who have cried with sorrow

It is reason for choice that Bryn has a voice

to help those who will cry tomorrow

The sadness it goes and with it the woes

Of a lyfe that everyone else gets to live

But it is you who has seen with eyes ever keen

Your lyfe and the lyfe you can give

You're a radient citrine summer jewel

And I will stand here in awe, building your pool

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fate puts me in places where i am meant to be.  Marco, Polo,  I found was in the making...  you're the hero bryn, enjoy the pool ;)

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jaime's picture

i love this one paul! everything you say is so true. thats all i have to really say though without sounding fake or inconciderate. love you!